The necessity of anti-pirate services

The attacks on commercial vessels are increasing in number.

Pirate activity in the Gulf has made a loss, for the maritime industry, between 6.6 billion and 6.9 billion dollars last year alone, said Rick Nelson, director of security and counter terrorism at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Pirati din Somalia

Security firms were quick to take advantage of the surge in the need for naval security services. Around 200-300 companies started to specialize in the security against pirates of merchant ships and tankers.

Anti-piracy business is not like most other private security markets. A good case is that of Blackwater. One of the largest security companies in the US, Blackwater, tried to make their main objective the escort of commercial ships. In 2007, they bought a military ship, the McArthur, and offered it for anti-piracy services. Due to lack of customers the company closed the department after a few months.

This has not shown that the maritime industry needs no security on this dangerous route. On the contrary, there is a need for crew safety. Hiring an armed team is the most economical option for shippers because there is not much competition. Teams participating in such missions can cost between $ 40,000 and $ 50,000 for a 10-day trip.

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