IBSSA Bodyguard Training Center is a training center for professionals

This center was created to enable those interested in this field to receive rigorous training, according to the international standard of IBSSA.

The basic focus of our commitment is to implement our expertise in public and private security to create distinct, clear, realistic and functional solutions for our customers.

We make every effort to ensure the highest standard of quality and expertise for those who really want to gain the skills necessary to improve their preparation.

Our services include the use of dogs for security and protection and we collaborate with other K9 units.

IBSSA is the official international association of private security, human and technical resources, technology companies and individual members of the security profession. IBSSA is an international non-profit association involved in organizing, coordinating, assistance, technical support and development of its members worldwide, security in all its forms.

FBI Academy Budapest

The International Law Enforcement Academy ( ILEA ) is the only training center in Eastern Europe, for police officers and leaders of criminal justice which is led by the FBI and the Hungarian government with the help of many nations and partner agencies. In the last decade, the organization has helped in making our communities and the world more secure.

The Israeli College for Security and Investigations

The ICSI was founded 27 years ago with the goal of providing professional studies for those who are dealing with security and investigations, in all areas of expertise. ICSI is a leading institution in the field of security studies, in terms of the number of training programs and the level of training of the coaches and teachers.

Professional Security Academy

PSA Academy was established with the purpose of providing professional security training to all areas of society. We provide initial training as well as advanced and comprehensive training to all levels of professionals in the field of Security, Defence and Safety who are employed by both government and private firms.

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